About Us

Guria Beachwear is an authentic Brazilian swimwear line hand-made from exclusive fabrics and part of the collection is made with biodegradable and recycled fabrics. With a broad range of sizes and coverages available, we offer swimwear for every body type. Sold as separates, our tops fit from A-F cup sizes. Our bottoms run from extra small to extra-large, and are available in Brazilian, Moderate, and Full American cuts.


Growing up in Brazil, my mother worked in the fashion business. When I was a teen, I remember going to the Garment District in New York with her to shop for my mom’s retail store. As she picked out the finest garments she could find for her special customers whom she knew so well, I stood by her side, so excited. When she would ask my opinion on a style, it made me feel special. Fashion was my mom’s legacy, as my grandfather was known as one of the top tailors in Brazil. He was a manufacturer of the finest Men’s dress shirts. Another passion for me growing up was the beach culture. Being in the ocean made me feel such joy…surfing the waves made me feel free! I became obsessed with this culture. With these memories, and this background, is it any wonder that I became a swimwear designer? For me, it was inevitable, like a calling. Fashion is an expression of how you feel. Bikinis make me feel like summer. Alive, an ocean breeze, sand on my toes, sun on my cheeks. This is how I want you to feel in your Guria. I want you to feel the passion of summer. Of youth. Of family. Guria Beachwear is my legacy and I’m so happy to share it with you; I hope it makes you feel something.

-with love, Camila Ckless

The word “GURIA” is used as a friendly and familiar slang word for “GIRL” in South of Brazil. Your close friends, the tribe of women you have in your life, they are your girls, your “gurias”. The Guria Beachwear brand is built around women, by women, and for women. Our workshop where they sew the collection is still in the South of Brazil where I grew up. They employ a group of women who hand-sew every Guria Beachwear garment. They are mothers, they are sisters, they are wives, they are daughters. I’m so blessed to call these women my Guria Family. Giving back to my community and supporting these women makes me feel blessed. Every Guria Beachwear piece is made to order. We do not cut and sew hundreds of bikinis and wait to sell them, we cut only what we need because we respect this planet. We use sustainable and recycled fabrics throughout our collection and eliminate waste using only what we need. So, when you order a Guria swimsuit or cover-up, know that it was made just for you, by a special woman, like you.