April 09, 2020

Real is Sexy

Hi Ladies!  Most of the world, including the United States is going through some things that we have could never imagine experiencing just three short months ago.  While we feel it necessary to acknowledge the COVID-19 is undeniably happening, we also feel it necessary to stay positive in a time where we may be feeling isolated. Please keep in mind that love is stronger than fear.  We are grateful for the time that we are able to spend with our families, although we may not have chosen to have it happen this way, we are certainly learning the value of human interaction, especially touch, more than ever before because we are feeling the lack of it so strongly.  Hopefully we are all doing our part and following the regulations set in place by our local governments to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.  When at all possible, please stay home.  If you need to go out, please practice social distancing.
On a positive note, this too shall pass, and Summer will arrive sooner or later.  With that in mind, we are going to talk about Brazilian bikinis and recommend some sexy swimsuits for real women.  First, let’s define what makes a woman real.  At Guria we feel that all women of all body shapes and sizes are beautiful.  For us, what makes a woman real is her authenticity.  Being comfortable being yourself and not worrying what anybody thinks of you helps a woman to have the confidence to be authentic.  Confidence, authenticity, fearlessness to wear what you want because it makes you feel beautiful…that is real!
When Guria Beachwear Designer and Founder Camila Ckless started the line, she did so with the real woman’s body in mind.  Sometimes a woman’s body isn’t perfectly balanced.  Sometimes we are bigger on top or bigger on the bottom.  This is why every Brazilian bikini top and bottom is sold separately, so you can mix and match to get a perfectly fitting bikini for your body. People don’t realize how important the fit is when it comes to having a bikini look right on you.  With Guria, you will never have to worry about wearing a bikini bottom that’s too small and pinches on your hip because you need a small top.  Nor will you fret about a swimsuit top that is too small because you need a tiny bottom.  Point is, any woman can wear Guria Beachwear and feel beautiful.
So, now that you can rest assured that you will have the perfect fit, lets talk about styles.  On bikini tops, we have a few styles for busty girls, as well as a few that help to boost your profile if you are a bit on the smaller side.  Features to look for in a bikini top if you are on the busty side would be great support and underwire or formed cup.  These styles will help to lift and separate the bust, which is most flattering when you are a full C cup or larger.  Some of the underwire styles featured in the Guria Collection are Underwire Halter Top, Underwire Balconette Top and Tie Knot Underwire Top.  Formed cup styles to look for are the Knot Front Retro Bandeau and the Tie Knot Ruched Padded Bandeau.  For smaller cup sizes, triangle tops and bralettes are a great look.  The Ribbed Triangle Top, Reversible Triangle Top, and Multi Strings Triangle Top are all great options. If you are into ruffles, try the Ruffle Triangle Top or the Ruffle Bralette Top.  Another great bralette is the Rib Bralette Bikini Top which gives you the illusion of great cleavage.
On bikini bottoms, we have cuts that are very forgiving, cuts that will enhance your curves and cuts that will make your legs look longer, enhancing any figure.  Anything that has a tie side is going to fit great on your skinny or not so skinny days.  Luckily, Guria offers several styles and on a personal note, this is my go-to bottom of choice.  We have the Multi-Strings Tie Side Bikini Bottom, to compliment your Multi-Strings Tops; Scrunch Tie Side which is our most popular and the Scrunch Knotted Tie Side.  If you want to enhance your swimsuit bottom line, try any of the cheeky bottom styles.  The Rib Cheeky Bottom and Criss-cross Strappy Bikini Bottom are very complimentary.  Any of our High Waist Swimwear Bottoms are a great option if you want to give the illusion of a flatter tummy.  To give the illusion of a longer leg, try the Deep V Bikini Bottom.  All bottoms are offered in Brazilian or Full Cut so you can choose your coverage.
Guria offers a wide range of one piece Brazilian swimwear that will compliment any figure and boost any woman’s confidence.  The most flattering for a busty figure is the Underwire One Piece and the Scrunch Bandeau One Piece which has a formed cup.  To create the illusion of a longer leg, the Tassels High Leg One Piece is a great look.  The Criss-Cross Back Plunge One Piece Swimwear can accentuate a tiny waist, or make you look like you have one, even if you do not.
On a lighter note, I recently saw an Instagram meme that suggested the best way to stay in shape during your quarantine is to wear your bikini instead of your pajamas.  This definitely works for us and also long time Guria model and our favorite Hooters Girl, Heather Widle (@heatherwidle on Instagram). Check out her recent post where she and some of her friends from Hooters are wearing their favorite bikinis at home.  Of course, Heather is wearing her Guria. Follow their lead and try it out, if you are feeling like you are in your fridge too much, you’ll get a good laugh at Heather’s post.  Stay safe and stay home ladies!
Written by JS

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