February 01, 2020

Top Reasons to Buy Designer Swimwear

When most people shop for swimwear, they look for designs that they like.  They think about color and design.  We have, in previous blogs, touched on those topics, and don’t get me wrong, they are important.  After all, you feel more beautiful in your swimwear when you actually like the way it looks.  But today, we are going to delve into the background of that.  After all, in this day and age, you can find swimwear at most of those huge chain stores that end in “MART” or similar.  So, why spend more?  Why should you buy designer swimwear, over that $25 bikini?  Well, we can think of many reasons; below are a few.
The main difference between a swimsuit that looks good and one that looks GREAT is the fit.  When they create a new design, designers work diligently with pattern makers to create perfect patterns.  When testing a new style first a fit sample is created.  After this, a model is hired for a fitting and the suit is tried on the model.  There are measurements taken and adjustments made to the sample and the pattern and this goes on and on until the fit is perfected.  The final sample is approved for production based on a lot of re-working of the original.  When you buy designer swimwear, you can be sure that the fit will be right!  Mainstream swimwear doesn’t always have the best fit.
Attention to detail beyond just the fit is something that you can also be assured of when you buy designer swimwear.  The quality of the trims, the fabric, the choice of thread color and quality of the thread, the trims used inside the garment like elastic, boning, cups and lining are all important.
Let’s start with the fabric.  Guria Beachwear uses the highest quality microfiber fabrics made of Lycra.  Our fabrics are soft to the touch because of the use of high quality fabric components.  As we mentioned in a previous post on the topic of sustainability, Guria Beachwear is now moving toward using fabrics that are more biodegradable, so they are better for the planet. Guria also uses sun protective fabric with a UV of 50… after all, who wants a sunburn on their lady bits…not I ;)
Because we think wearing a bikini is like wearing a piece of jewelry, quality of our trims is important to us.  Every clip, clasp, finial and trim, down to the golden “G” for Guria that adorn every Guria Brazilian Bikini and One Piece is plated in 18 Karat gold.  This will ensure that they last and do not tarnish or rust when they are worn in the chlorine water of the pool or the saltwater of the sea.  In addition to this, Guria Beachwear uses rubber tape inside the garments which will last longer and not crack, as opposed to bargain swimwear which often uses elastic that tends to dry and crack when exposed to the elements such as heat and water.
Designer swimwear, just like other apparel categories, is more innovative, unique and updated than most bargain brands.  Every season we study color forecasts and trends across the apparel industry to make sure we create unique designs that are in line with the Guria girl’s updated sense of style and desire to wear the most innovative swimwear around.  We do this with a special focus of what is going on in Brazil so we can give our customers’ the authentic Brazilian Swimwear flavor that she expects when she shops the collection.
When designing the collection, Designer Camila Ckless always has close communication with the fit models to make sure the swimwear is comfortable and that they feel supported where they need to.
Another thing that you will get from Guria Beachwear and most designer swimwear labels is a guarantee that the garment is free of manufacturer’s defects.  Every item is hand inspected by our Quality Control Manager, but if something does happen to slip through with anything sub-par, you can easily exchange it.
Guria Beachwear is made to last for more than one season.   The quality and attention to detail will be something that you can enjoy year after year.  I still have my first Guria Brazilian Bikini and it’s about ten years old.  The design, comfort and great fit make it one of my favorites and I honestly don’t see myself getting rid of it for a long time.
So go ahead! Dig in to your biking drawer and see what you have.  Compare the basic swimwear with your Guria bikinis….feel the difference, now that you know what to look for.  I’m sure you’ll agree, the designer swimwear is well worth the price when you take everything into consideration
Written by JS

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