September 25, 2019

GIVEAWAY! Fall in Love With Your Brazilian Booty

This week we enter a new season, Fall.  While you might think it’s time to kiss your favorite Brazilian Bikini goodbye until next summer, we have other plans for it.  As the mercury begins to drop across most parts of the country, the leaves turn varying shades of amber and crimson and brown.  With the number of daylight hours on the decline, most of us are tempted to hit snooze one or two or three more times and stay under the covers just a little longer.  So, before that feeling takes hold and becomes a habit, I’m going to issue you a challenge.  And of course, give you a little incentive, as if having the best booty on the block is not a prize in itself.
Fall does not have to mean packing on the pounds.  You can fall in love with your body and fall in love with your booty. Indeed, the Kardashians, with the rest of Hollywood have made it ever so popular to have an hourglass figure.  A little nip here, a little injection there, and $20,000 later, you’re all set.  But you don’t have to break the bank to get the butt you always wanted.
This week on the blog we’re going to share some of our favorite workouts to get you there the natural way - good, old-fashioned EXERCISE!

There’s Always Zumba

Sculpting the waist and keeping the core strong help to create an hourglass figure.
As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, the national dance of Brazil is Samba.  If you were born with rhythm pulsing through your veins (like most Brasileras and Latinas) that might just be enough to keep your waist tiny and your booty round and lifted.  For those of us who aren’t natural-born samba dancers, there’s always ZUMBA!  Zumba Fitness was created in the 1990s by Colombian Choreographer Alberto “Beto” Pérez, but one of our favorite Brazilian pop singers, Claudia Leitte, is the International Ambassador to Zumba Fitness.  This has made the Zumba workout a favorite among Brazilians.  It is a dance/exercise class that features 16 key moves in different arrangements.  All of the moves are set to Latin music and it offers a full body and cardio work out that will help to slim you down while using the legs a lot will help you boost your buns.   Looking for a local class?  Go to to find one in your area that fits your schedule.  You can also purchase online classes at if you prefer to workout at home.  For best results we suggest four to five workouts per week.  All instructors are certified by Zumba Fitness.
Claudia Leitte and Beto Pérez performing a Zumba class:

HIIT That Booty

We all know that personal trainers are as important to the rich and famous jet setters as are their managers, but do you realize that with HIIT you can sculpt your body and target specific zones, just like the stars.  That’s right! High Intensity Interval Training, lovingly referred to as HIIT workouts can be done anywhere with use of minimal equipment. Most workouts just require a mat and occasionally two small, hand-held weights.  The workout involves intense bursts of anaerobic exercise during which you give it your all, with short recovery periods in between.  Your heart rate is elevated, and calorie and fat burn are maximized in a shorter period of time.  Lean muscle mass is preserved, which prolongs the afterburn.  With a good HIIT program, your body will continue to burn calories for several hours after the actual “work” is done.  Maximum results in minimal time – who doesn’t love that!  We have explored several HIIT programs and recommend these following.
If you are lucky enough to live in Miami or New York City, you can check out a Sweat 440 class. In 40 minutes you complete four stations with three exercises in each station.  You do each exercise for 40 seconds and really push yourself to the max with 20 seconds of rest in between.  You repeat each group three times for a total of 12 exercises.  Sound confusing?  Don’t worry, there is a trainer to guide you through the process.  The first workout is free, so if you’re in one of those cities, check it out.  Learn more at  Slightly different, but also a HIIT workout, if you’re in Los Angeles, try HIIT House LA,, where you can sign up for a one week trial for only five bucks!
If you prefer the do it yourself method, I highly recommend giving Boss Body a try.  Celebrity trainer Kim Lyons offers a comprehensive work out program that includes a nutrition guide.  What I love about this program is that you can purchase the book which has photos and written instructions on each exercise that you can take with you when you travel. You can also purchase the video program that can be downloaded to your tablet, laptop or phone.  It includes 30 days of workouts, plus 18 bonus workouts that you can add in any time.  For the workout, you always start with ten minutes of stretching, then on alternate days you work either your legs and booty; your arms, abs and core; or your full body.  The video downloads are on sale right now for 50% off which is less that $25.  Hop over to to check it out.


My Personal Favorite

If you prefer the fluid movements of a yoga type routine, you will love love love the Brazilian Butt Lift Challenge by Boho Beautiful.  For this two-week video program, Juliana leads you in a targeted fifteen minute workout that is sure to lift and sculpt your gluteus to the maximus, and trust me, you will feel the burn. For the first week of the program you do a 15 minute workout a single time for two days in a row, then rest the third day.  In the second week of the program, you pump it up to two workouts in a row each day; again, two days on, one day off.  You can access this video for free on the Boho Beautiful youtube channel (I definitely recommend subscribing) or at where you can find additional videos.  Feel free to add water and repeat as many times as you like.

The Challenge

The challenge here is to be your personal best.  And in this challenge, everybody is a winner because we have a prize for everyone who finishes.  If you are consistent and dedicated, there is no goal you cannot achieve.  But, as I mentioned, a little extra incentive is always a good thing.  So, Guria Beachwear has decided to run a contest.  First, make sure you follow us on Instagram @guriabeachwear.  Then, put on your favorite Brazilian bikini and take your before photos.  Mirror selfies are encouraged, but if you can grab a friend to take your photos and do the challenge together, a little friendly competition is always good motivation.  Submit photos by midnight on October 5 by DM on the gram.  We need a full body photo of your front, back and side.  Once you enter, the fun really begins.  You’ll have eight weeks to work out and by November 30, submit photos of your new, improved body (and booty).  Don’t’ worry, we’re going to make it fun.  Stay tuned to the blog because each week we will offer different, helpful tips and inspiration for you to keep going.

The Prize

Besides getting your best body in recent history, Guria will award the following prizes.  First place winner will receive two Guria Bikinis or One Pieces of their choice and a feature on our Instagram.  First runner up will receive one Guria bikini of their choice.  Since everyone is a winner, all participants who complete the 8 week challenge and send their before and after photos will receive a special coupon code for 25% off a one-time purchase on our website
I would encourage you to take this week to try each of the workouts we highlighted above and see which is the best fit for you. Our biggest goal here is that you Fall in Love with the new you!


  1. Follow @GuriaBeachwear on Instagram;
  2. Send us your BEFORE pictures by DM. Photos will be accepted until Oct 5th 
  3. You will have 8 weeks to work out! Stay tuned to the blog because each week we will offer different, helpful tips and inspiration for you to keep going.
  4. Send us your AFTER pictures by November 30th.
  5. Open to U.S. and overseas customers as well. A gift code of 25% Off will be sent to all participants of the contest who sent us before and after photos. Discount code will be valid for a single purchase at our website
  6. Winner will be picked based on most improved figure from start to finish.
  7. Winner will be contacted by DM and announced on Instagram first week of December. 
  8. No purchase necessary to enter or win.
Written by JS

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