August 27, 2019

Style Guide: What to Wear in Fernando De Noronha, Brazil


Noronha boasts some of the most beautiful tropical landscapes and beaches in South America. I was in the dilemma of choosing a destination that will be unique to the others. In the quest of searching places, I came across this beauty. It would be a lie if I say that I was completely unaware of this place. I knew that Fernando de Noronha is located in Brazil and it is an archipelago. But little did I know about its extraordinary charm.

 According to me, Fernando de Noronha is a beach world. It has the best beaches you can ever find. On the other hand, this place is very peaceful and serene. There are no crowds on the beaches and the whole location is well organized. I must thank the Brazilian Government for this.

 But this blog isn’t about the place or how did I feel about Fernando de Noronha. Although you might have guessed about how in love I am with this place. However, this blog is a style guide instead of a tour guide. I believe that a beautiful destination even needs amazing outfits. I have seen many girls struggle with outfit choices while it comes to beachwear. But do you think it is worth worrying? The straightaway answer is NO.

 Therefore, here am I with a style guide about what to wear in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.

Here we go!! 


#1. Brazilian Bikini

Yes, this is the right time to flaunt all your curves. Your beach trip will be incomplete if you haven’t given the bikini a try. While you are in Brazil try out Brazilian bikini as they are comfortable and perfect for all body types. Try to go for a tropical leafy print Brazilian bikini! If you want to find the perfect Brazilian bikini for you then you should surely visit Guria Beachwear’s website. They offer a variety of bikinis for every body type.  



#2. Shorts and Crop Tops
Try out mix and match technique this time. Pair your bikini top with a short and head to the beach with comfort. This is the best outfit for the girls who are not comfortable wearing only the Brazilian bikini. Pair your outfit with a large hat and Havaianas flip flops to complete your beach outfit.


#3. Printed Maxi Dress
The beaches in Fernando de Noronha are picture perfect and if you want to capture some beautiful memories in your camera then you will even need an elegant dress as well. The printed maxi dress is a perfect outfit for a beach photo session.
Apart from that, you can even wear this outfit if you are heading to a beach in Fernando de Noronha on a calm evening. Maxi dresses are a comfortable piece of clothing for beaches. You can pair this outfit with heels as well. However, if you are not comfortable with wearing heels then flip flops will even make this attire look fabulous.
#4. Boho Styling
Boho styling has derived from Bohemia, which is situated along the south shore of long island. This makes Boho styling a perfect beach outfit. The loud prints exhibit a beach vibe. If you are not fond of long dresses for the beach then you can even opt for bohemian-print Brazilian bikini.
#5. Button Down Shirts with Shorts
If you want to go easy and comfy at the same time then this option is will be the best pick for you. Nothing can be compared to button down shirts and shorts. This attire is comfortable and cool at the same time. You can also pair your button down shirt with your Brazilian One Piece Swimsuit for a more stylish look. It is a perfect attire for the girls who love spending their afternoons at the beach.
#6. Sarongs
The sarong was my day 1 outfit. However, I think that this is the first attire that comes to our mind when we think about a beach vacation. Sarongs are itself a style statement. A Brazilian bikini and a Sarong are the perfect attire for Fernando de Noronha beaches. Go for soft fabrics while buying sarongs as it lets your skin breathe and make you feel comfortable.
#7. Brazilian One Piece Swimsuit with Shorts
Twist your beach attire. Pair your one-piece Brazilian swimsuit with ripped shorts to give your beach outfit a completely different style. You can pair it with a hat and a long shrug in order to pull off the attire comfortably.
On the other hand, go for flip flops rather than wearing sandals or shoes. You can even try out sneakers as well and these give your beach attire a completely different look. But compared to any other shoes flip flops are the best option as you will feel comfortable walking in sand and they will give you a breezy look.
#8. Off-Shoulder Dress
An off-shoulder dress is a must be beach attire. It is a comfortable piece of attire for beach weather and beautiful at the same time. pairing this dress with hat and sunglass will act as a topping on the cake. However, this attire is a picture-perfect dress and a perfect attire for the girls who love to dress up elegantly.

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