February 24, 2019

Top tropical destinations for your next getaway

So its time for a break and you need this badly! You are in search for a perfect destination and the next moment you find yourself in a sea of confusion where every destination looks overwhelming and then you wish you could be at all those admirable places at the same time.
Your routine has got you bored and tired and this vacation is necessary for your soul. You need some time where you can get away from the  daily drama and just watch the sun at it sets, hear the birds as they happily chirp their way through the beautiful blue skies and just watch the trees stand tall in the sun and communicate with God.
To your mind will also come pictures of you on beautiful white sandy beaches and a coconut tree beside you with your favorite novel in one hand and a glass of fresh juice in another.
What you basically need is a Tropical destination Holiday!
Tropical destination serve as a perfect get away from your monotonous and frustrating routine. They are like a delight to your soul where your body relaxes and your soul calmly absorbs the magnificence of nature. The peace and beauty simply takes over you and you are left calm and composed!
The best part about tropical destinations is the peace they offer. Few people, less noise! Its just you, yourself and nature! After all, you are your best companion!
The Seychelles
These islands are located off the east coast of Africa and are pure paradise. They offer all the seclusion you need and are absolutely the perfect place to interact with nature. The waters are calm and clean and the perfectly cloudy and at the same time sunny weather makes this place a divine abode!
If peace and seclusion is what you seek, the Seychelles is certainly for you.
Ko Lipe
Now this is ecstatic! Located in Southern Thailand, this place has a lot to offer! The locals here are warm and friendly and have so much to tell about their culture and the place. The waters here are filled with life and you will see locals bring in fresh sea food every day. Their meal generally has what they caught in the day and as the day diminishes into the night, the locals turn off the lights. Near this island, there is another island that has lovely fine sand and offers excellent snorkeling opportunities and you might also get to see a few reef sharks. The way of life is simple and admirable and the best part about this place is that it has minimal population! There are approximately 1000 locals only! The best time to visit this place is between November and March. Other times, the weather is pretty harsh and the locals close the island for visits.
The most intriguing fact about this place is that there are no cars! Which means that you can walk on the sand or lie under the sun with a beautiful Brazilian bikini and you just do not have to worry about even the slightest of pollution or annoying vehicle sounds!
Maldives, Bali, Gili Islands and Hawaii
The Maldives is situated the middle of the Indian Ocean and has plenty of islands that will serve as a lovely escape from the chaotic world. The food available is rich in spices and has a wide variety of flavors. However, what makes it all the more special is the rich yet simple culture.
Along with this, you also have Bali and the Gili Islands that offer such a close peak into paradise and then you have Big Island Hawaii!
Get away from your monotonous routine and escape into nature. Let your soul absorb the divinity that nature radiates and you will be renewed in mind and soul! If you are a swimwear fan, the Brazilian bikinis can be more than a perfect companion for your tropical get away. All you need to do is pick a place and pack your bags. The closer you get to nature, the farther your soul walks away from unrest that holds you back. A tropical destination vacation is enchanting and a necessity in this chaotic world.

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