October 09, 2019

What Hue Suits You?


 Hey Gals!  Hope you had a great week and are in the process of falling in love with your booty and body more every day.  This week on the blog, we’re going to get you excited about the booty that you can win – meaning the authentic Brazilian Swimwear.  That’s right, we’re dialing it back to the Brazilian bikinis… so you can keep your eye on the prize.  Don’t forget, you have until midnight tomorrow to send those entries, so please submit photos by DM on Instagram.


With a collection as large as Guria’s 2020 Summer Somewhere Collection, it may be difficult to figure out where to begin when picking out your new Brazilian Cut Bikini.   When I’m shopping for a Brazilian Swimsuit, or any other article of clothing, I always look at the color first. So this week, I’m going to talk a little about color and how you can pick your best Guria Brazilian Designer Swimsuit according to your skin tone, hair and eyes.

What Kind of Guria Girl Are You?

We all have our personal favorite colors, and they have probably been the same since early childhood.  Color is a very powerful thing.  Scientific studies have shown time and time again that color can change your mood.  It can make you happy, angry, excited.  But, when we are shopping for a bikini, or even picking one out of our current wardrobe, what actually draws us to a certain color?


Try Something Different

One of the first things I think about, not just when shopping but also when choosing which Brazilian bikini to wear to the pool or beach that day, is how the color will make me look.  For example, if I’m feeling a little fuller figured that day, I will try to go for a color that is darker.  Darker colors tend to be more slimming.  A Black Bikini is of course an obvious choice, and if you are one of those girls that just feels most comfortable in black, I get it.  You can opt to make your black swimsuit less basic with the cut out bikini in the Guria Classics Group.  Consider navy as a more interesting alternative.  It has the same slimming affect, but somehow is just a bit less basic. The Guria Bossa Nova Collection has some great bikinis in Navy that can really slim you down and boost your confidence on those days that you might need it.  And if you need some extra support and are looking for large cup swimwear, try the Underwire Balconette Top paired with a Cheeky bikini bottom. Another great option is the Tie Knot Ruched Padded Bandeau Top paired with the High Leg Deep V bikini bottom.  Navy brings to mind all things nautical, so try it for a change.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.



Have You Been Kissed by the Sun Lately?

One of the other things I look at is how tan I am.  When I’m a bit more sunkissed, I have more natural confidence.  I’m also a girl that is obsessed with skincare, so I often use a sunscreen with a little bronzer in it, and sometimes some shimmer.  A nice tan makes your body look slimmer and your muscles appear more defined.  When I’m feeling this way, I opt for white or yellow swimsuits.  This season Guria’s New Rib Swimwear Collection is offering off white and yellow bikinis, both with a slight shimmer in the fabric.  The yellow swimsuits are one of my favorites.  It looks great on blondes and makes me feel like sunshine all over.  Just an all-around happy color.  Show off your confidence in a small bikini, like the scrunch tie side Brazilian bottom and triangle top featuring grommets details.



Mom Always Said, “Mother Nature Doesn’t Make Mistakes”

Since Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes, the color of your eyes and your natural hair color are generally a pretty good way to figure out a color that will suit you well.  If you have green eyes check out the Light Olive Group in the Bossa Nova Collection for a solid, or the beautiful floral print in the Majorca Group which has a green background with a smattering of tropical petals.  This print definitely feels like vacation.  If your eyes are the color of the blue sea, the Ibiza print group will suit you.  It’s a modern take on the polka dotted bikini.  Into a more linear graphic?  Try on something from the Las Salinas story.  The Bossa Nova Collection has a shimmer blue solid that really makes blue eyes pop. If you’re a brown eyed girl, take a walk on the wild side with our exotic animal prints which both contain brown.  Marbella is a silver, black and brown snake print which looks great with dark hair as well. Who said a leopard doesn’t change his spots?  The Cadaqués group is a colorful take on the jungle leopard with green, brown, orange and white on a tan background.  ROAR! If you’re looking for a solid bikini, the macramé multi-strings bikini will flatter your figure and your irises in Shimmer Tan.



  So find some Guria at your favorite Brazilian Bikini Shop or online and add some color to your life.  The new collection hits the site later this month, but if you can’t wait, check out the great selection of triangle, bandeau and crochet bikinis on sale right now at guriabeachwear.com.

 Written by JS



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