November 06, 2019

A Cut Above – Shopping Guide to Bottoms

If you’ve been reading the blog regularly, you probably remember that a couple of weeks back I touched on different body types and the best suits to suit them.  This week, we are going to go into detail about cut and coverage.   We’re going to get a bit technical here, but I promise you, if you take the time to read this guide to the end, you will never be surprised again by the amount of coverage in your swimsuit when you order a Brazilian bikini online. From thong, to Brazilian, to cheeky, to European, to American, to full, there are so many different choices.



The thong bikini is the tiniest of them all.  It’s also referred to as dental floss or G-String, because it’s literally like a string that disappears between the cheeks when you put it on. Needless to say, this coverage is very minimal and not for the faint of heart, or a woman who doesn’t like attention.  When a thong is worn in public, you will be noticed, so be prepared.  Guria has occasionally offered this coverage in the past, however, does not offer it in the new collection.  Some lines do, so it was worth mentioning.



Brazilian bikini coverage is a bit bigger than a thong, but a good portion of the cheeks are still going to show.  Brazilian coverage has some versatility because you can scrunch it between the cheeks into a thong or pull it out over the upper portion of the cheeks to show less of the bum.  This is my personal favorite.




A cheeky bikini cut is almost like a concave circle on the edge.  The back of the suit is very round, very but it’s meant to show on the cheeks and not really creep up.  It usually sits lower on the waist and makes the butt look nice and round.  This coverage is very popular now and Guria offers it in the 2020 collection.





European cuts tend to cover more than the Brazilian bikini but less than the American.  They differ from cheeky in that they are cut straight, not curved, from the crotch seam to the hip.  Most European swimwear lines offer this cut only and it is very popular along the beaches of the Mediterranean.



American is similar to the European coverage but is about an inch wider over each cheek.  This is the most conservative coverage offered by Guria and it is an option offered in every style of bikini and one piece swimwear.  You can always feel confident in this conservative coverage.  Great to wear to family barbecues or vacations.  Very “Mom Friendly”.




Full cut bottoms are mostly offered by brands that are more “Missy”.  A full coverage bikini bottom will actually have a convex type of coverage that scoops down over the butt cheeks.  Guria Beachwear does not offer this type of coverage.



The Deep V bikini is a cut offered exclusively by Guria Beachwear.  This fantastic style sits very high on the hip and creates the illusion of a longer leg.  It also dips down to a V in the mid-front below the belly button and in the center of the back.  It is offered in American or Brazilian coverage.





This style sits high on the hip as well, but has a softer, U shape in the front and is cut straight in the back.  There is a ruffle over each hip at the bottom of the suit.  If you want to create the illusion of more curvy hips, this bikini bottom is a great option.  Plus, it’s super feminine. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! 



The Classic bikini bottom has been a staple of Guria Beachwear for years.  It’s simple but, classic and sits mid hip.  The coverage in the front is conservative as well, sitting only a couple of inches below the belly button.  Available in Brazilian or American Coverage. 





Guria offers a high waisted bikini bottom in every collection.  It’s a great option for someone who wants to wear a bikini but may be self-conscious about a scar on the abdomen or a little pouch.  The front of this bikini sits right below the belly button and the front panel helps flatten you out a bit.  It’s available in Brazilian coverage which is cut a bit higher and narrower on the cheeks, or the more conservative American coverage.




This bottom is very elegant.  It is gathered in the front of the hip by a gold accessory on each side.  The back is cut straight across for a less flashy style.  You can order this bikini in American or Brazilian coverage, but it’s elegance lends itself to the American coverage in my opinion. 



This bottom has a U-Shaped front and a beautiful criss-cross laced up detail with gromets in the front.  Fun, flirty and available in Brazilian or American coverage…here my personal preference is the sexier Brazilian coverage. 




The great thing about a tie side is it’s adjustable to fit you on your skinnier days or those days that you need a bit extra room.  And it will never pinch or pucker because it’s completely adjustable.  Guria offers two types of tie side bikinis: the scrunch tie side which is a spaghetti string bottom with a bit of scrunch in the back or the scrunch knotted tie side which is a bit wider at the hip and does not use spaghetti.  Available in Brazilian Or American Coverage.



A woman’s body is always beautiful.  Lately women have learned to embrace their curves and realized that the little “imperfections” that we fret over are often not even noticed by men.  Taking risks shows that you are confident, and confidence is sexy.  So when shopping for that Brazilian swimsuit for your next vacation to a sunny destination, maybe you should be a little more daring and go for that Brazilian bikini with less coverage.  You’ve got nothing to lose and you might just gain a few new friends when you go to the beach or pool with that sexy confidence.

Written by JS

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