November 13, 2019

Holiday Shopping Guide

As I sit in sunny Florida, it’s easy for me to imagine going to the beach, as a matter of fact, I was there this past weekend.  The warm sun beaming down on my Brazilian bikini clad body, kissing my gently tanned skin.  The sound of the waves hitting the shore.  The feeling of sand in between my toes.  Children running and laughing.  Life is good, as I mentioned in a recent blog, we live where you vacation.

 With the holidays coming and the shorter daylight hours, especially up north, many are choosing to escape the winter for a few days and head south to warmer climates.  Some however will not get the opportunity to travel to warmer, longer days filled with sunlight, however, you can still give them the gift of summer for the holidays.  From stocking stuffers to full sized gifts, who says holiday gifting needs to be limited to gloves, scarves and other cold weather items?  This week the blog will explore holiday gifts that bring to mind fun in the sun!


Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30

I love this product because, well, first of all, the name!  It’s so much fun.  And come on, who wouldn’t want to receive something called Drunk Elephant as a gift?  All joking aside, this is a gift that is great for any girl in your life.  Mom…Sister…Bestie…Secret Santa at the office.  First of all, it’s got a sheer tint to give you a great glow that’s not over the top.  It’s for all skin types, and honestly, you can wear it all year round.  So even If you’re gifting in a cold climate, the recipient doesn’t have to wait for a day at the beach to make use of this product.  And if they are lucky enough to be traveling, this pairs really well with a Guria Brazilian Bikini.  Priced at $36, you won’t break the bank with this one.

A luxury beach towel from Tide & Pool

Ok, so this one is a little more expensive, but sometimes you have that special someone that you don’t mind splurging on.  One of these babies will set you back around $90, but with designs named Bebel, Oh Hi, Slim and Tidal, how can you not?  They are groovy, funky and fun.  Each towel has a unique design on each side.  They are 100% cotton and extremely plush… they feel like buddah!  And they are the perfect size.  40”x 67”.  Another reason we love these towels… just like your favorite Brazilian bikini, they are made in Brazil. Shop them at



Mizele Sunbath Crocheted Cotton-Blend Tote

Ok, so if money isn’t really an issue or you’re shopping for someone very special, or even gifting yourself for Christmas (hopefully with Daddy’s black card) this beach bag is a necessity.  It’s my absolute favorite because it’s the perfect size to fit everything you need for your day at the beach, including your oversized luxury beach towel mentioned above.  The color is the palest tan so it matches everything and its crochet design is so retro.  It will set daddy back $322 at , but you’re totally worth it!  It is hand made from natural materials and an exclusive by Letitia and Gregory Mizele for Net-A-Porter.



Give the gift of Reading

So, whether you are able to get away to the beach or not, who doesn’t love getting lost in a good book?  A great novel is something you can enjoy during summer while wearing your Brazilian bikini while sipping a piña colada or during winter snuggled up under the covers with a toasty cup of hot cocoa.  A couple of my favorites are The Alchemist by renowned Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, which follows the main character on an incredible journey with many ups and downs but ultimately brings him exactly where he was supposed to be.  Eat, Pray, Love is a memoire of Author Elizabeth Gilbert where you can definitely fantasize about your next vacation while exploring Italy, Bali and India.  The Little Prince is a classic by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that I read over and over.  I find a new message about love hidden between the lines of the magical interplanetary journey every time I read this book.  Books can be purchased new or used online at great prices, so this one is great if you’re on a budget.



Guria Brazilian Bikini

Of course, no trip to the beach, real or imagined, would be complete without a Guria Brazilian Bikini.  The Summer Somewhere Collection is now available online and there are some great items left from the previous year’s Wanderlust Collection being offered with special pricing.  Check the website for a list of retailers where you can find your new favorite Brazilian Bikini Shop.  Triangle tops, bandeaus, cheeky bottoms and Brazilian One Piece Swimsuits… all available for your real or fantasy gifting purposes. For all you Guria holiday shoppers, we have a special treat.  For being a loyal blog reader, and client of course, we are giving you a special discount code.  Just enter the word HOLIDAY at check out to receive an extra 10% off your purchase.  This code is valid on everything on the site… even sale and clearance, but it will only work until November 27, so shop now, while we still have a great selection of styles and sizes on sale.



Remember, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart.  Hope these ideas helped make your holiday shopping a bit easier.  Happy holiday season to all of you Guria Lovers!

 Written by JS

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