November 21, 2019

Pack & Prep for Your Warm Weather Holiday

 Hey ladies!  I hope you are still working on your fitness for our Brazilian Booty contest.  Please send us some updates by Direct Message on Instagram @guriabeachwear.  We would love to see how you are doing.  Also, feel free to send us some fitness tips that we can post to keep everyone inspired.

  As the holidays get closer, many of you may be planning your warm weather get-a-way.  I’m really excited to be planning my trip to Las Vegas for the second week of January.  I’ll share some fun moments My holidays will be spent with family, but we all need a good girl’s trip every now and then, so I’m over the moon.  This week on the blog, I’m going to share some tips for good pre-planning for your trip.  A good plan will assure you don’t forget anything with less stress and no last minute running to the mall.

11 Days Out – Styling
This is the perfect time to go through your summer wardrobe.  You probably have it packed away in the back of your closet, or, some of you in larger metropolitan cities may actually have your wardrobe in a storage facility or at good ol’ mom’s house.  This unfortunately is more common than you know.  Seriously, have you ever seen the lack of closet space in a Manhattan apartment? Sometimes a girl can’t survive without that extra remote closet.  So, with eleven days to go, you should be able to get access to your storage or burrow through to the back of your closet and see what you have on hand.  If you are going for a week, I would suggest 7 daytime outfits and 6 evening ones.  Definitely pre-select them and match them up before you go.  And try them on to make sure they still fit.  With all the holiday parties, you never know.   You’ll also need a travel outfit.  One of the best space saving tips I can give is to try to pack with a cohesive color scheme.  You can pack less and re-wear something of your clothes mix and match.  Also, try to pack neutral colored shoes or shoes that match at least 4 outfits.  Shoes are heavy and take up a lot of space.  For your beach holiday you won’t need boots, but you can pack your sox inside your shoes to save space. I would pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes or cute tennis shoes for daytime exploring; a pair of neutral sandals (bonus points if they are rubber flip flops because these are great on the sand). I never travel without my Ipanemas ;D
Then a pair of comfy heels, like a wedge; and finally a pair of shoes to go out dancing!
10 Days Out – Go Online!
I’m sending you online for two things.  The first is go to Facebook.  We all have a million Facebook friends that love to give opinions.  Here is where you can. Put them to good use.  Ask for recommendations from people who have vacationed in your planned destination.  See if they can recommend any do-not-miss attractions or restaurants.  A good café so you don’t have to break the bank on breakfast.  Once you start the conversation, it will flow.  This is a great resource!  Second thing to do online: ORDER YOUR NEW GURIA BEACHWEAR BRAZILIAN BIKINI!  You will have time to make sure it fits right.  If you prefer to try it on before you buy, check for a list of Brazilian Bikini Shops and pay your nearest one a visit.  Brazilian One Piece Swimwear are recommended as well, so maybe one of each.
9 Days Out – Go Back Online
Ok, who are we kidding?  These days we live online, so I don’t think I’m asking anything unordinary, BUT, today we are going to do some of our own research.  Go to YouTube and search the travel vlogs.  Search your destination and see what these travel video bloggers are recommending as their favorite places.  This is also a great way to see if your friends’ tips are legit.  Many blogs give great tips about the best way to get around as well.  And places that are too expensive or maybe should be avoided.
7 and 8 Days Out – SHOP!
These will be your shopping days.  You’ve already done sufficient planning when it comes to packing, so these days we are recommend for you to actually hit the shops.  Your favorite boutique or department store for any “wholes” you might need to fill in in your wardrobe.  Try to shop the sale racks, but if you see that “Must have” go for it!  No regrets!  Treat yo’self!  The other day will be devoted for shopping for travel sized products or containers.  Try to make sure that everything is less than 3 oz. if you are planning to use a carry on only.
6 Days Out – Budget
Take this time to try to sketch out a budget to you can have a guideline for what you will spend for each meal.  Try to get some information from your hotel or hostel about excursions and the prices.  Estimate your transportation costs.  Try to bring a little cash, but these days most places take credit cards.  If you are traveling abroad, consider getting some of the local currency from your bank beforehand.  ATM’s overseas can be pricey.  By the way, it’s a good idea to tell your bank you will be traveling, so they don’t freeze your cards for suspected fraud.
5 Days Out- Ask a Friend
A great way to save some doe is to ask a friend if they can help you out with a ride to the airport and pick you up when you get home.  Parking at the airport is so expensive and a complete waste of money.  If you can’t find a friend, get an estimate from Uber or Lyft and try to leave yourself time to share the ride or “pool” with someone.  I would add a half hour to 45 minutes for extra this travel time.
4 Days Out – Actual Packing
This is a great day to pack.  I like to use my bed as a flat surface to fold everything just right and squeeze it into my suitcase.  Pair everything up – choose your outfits – try to get some good mix and matches.  If you can’t fit everything in a carry on, make sure you have pre-paid for your luggage.  This will save you time at the airport.  Also, this is a great time to pick up some postcard stamps.  I know it’s old fashioned, but it will be so appreciated when your friends or family members get a hand written postcard from your vacation hot spot.  And your mom won’t be able to criticize Millennials anymore as the generation that never writes or calls, but always just texts.
3 Days to Go – Beauty Time
Get your Brazilian wax and your Mani-Pedi.  If you can get a Brazilian manicure, they last longer as we mentioned in a previous blog.  If not, try a gel manicure or buy the color to take it with you.  Nothing is worse than going on vacation and ruining your manicure.  At least if you get the polish, you can use it to touch up any accidental chips.  And if you color your luscious locks, this is a great day to touch up your color.
2 Days to Go – Bubble bath
Today is your last day to enjoy your creature comforts of home.  Get your last workout in at your gym and take a relaxing bubble bath.  Most of the stressful stuff is already done.  Now you can relax.
1 more day
Make sure your tickets are downloaded and ready to go.  I’m and iPhone user, and I love the wallet feature.  If you have paper tickets, make sure you print them.  You can check I online 24 hours in advance with most airlines.  Read the tickets and make sure you have the right airport and time!  I actually made this mistake once.  While living in New York, I thought I was traveling from JFK, but when I got to the airport and was at the curbside check in, I found out the hard way that I was flying from LaGuardia.  By some miracle, I was able to make it to LAG and make my flight.  I have a friend who was an American traveling back home from Europe.  She thought she was flying out at 11PM, not realizing they were using military time.  Needless to say, when she arrived to the airport for her 11PM flight, which is 23H in Military time, she missed her flight by 12 hours.  You should also take some time the day before to get some estimates from Uber or Lyft to get to your accommodations or check with your hotel to see if they have a bus that can bring you to the hotel. Make sure you have your identification, passport, etc. that you will need to fly or enter the country.  You may want to pack headphones for the flight as well.
Travel Day
You are well prepared.  Call your friend or your Uber and go.  On the flight you can relax and toast to yourself for a job well done. Daydream about your body in a Brazilian bikini in the warm sun.  Oh, one more thing…HAVE FUNNNNN!!!!!
Written by JS


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