November 28, 2019

Try Our Triangles



This week in the US we celebrate the official kick off to the Holiday Season with one of my favorite holidays of the year…THANKSGIVING.  I have decided to give thanks for a Brazilian Swimwear classic: The Triangle Bikini Top.  The Triangle bikini top was made popular in the 1970’s.  In fact, the first evidence of a triangle top that I can find after scouring the internet for Triangle Bikini Magazine Covers was the 1975 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover where Cheryl Tiegs donned a yellow and green triangle bikini top.  This set a trend for many more triangle bikini top covers to come, in the magazine with Tyra Banks, Irena Shayk, Kate Upton to name a few and on the bodies of the bikini wearing public.  Indeed, the sexual revolution that began in the 1960’s and spanned two decades in the US made it more socially acceptable for women to wear smaller bikinis.  I mean, women were burning their bras for goodness sakes!  The stage was perfectly set for change and progress in a society where women were sexually repressed for way too long.   This newfound attitude of sexual freedom and equality set the stage for the itsy bitsy, teeny weenie bikini.  Of course, over the years, everything evolves – including fashion.  And although it’s one of the sexiest styles, sameness can get a little stale.
Over the past ten plus years Guria Beachwear has experimented with many different styles of triangle bikinis.  Let’s take a look at what is trending now.
Bossa Nova Multi- Strings
The Bossa Nova Collection is Guria’s group of Brazilian swimwear that is presented in six different solid colors: Shimmer Blue, Black, Light Olive, Shimmer Tan, Rose Gold and Navy.  Four styles of bikini tops and four styles of bikini bottoms are presented in each of the six colors.  The bottoms are offered in Brazilian or American (moderate) coverage.  For those of you who don’t feel like doing the math, that’s 24 unique bikini tops and 48 unique bikini bottoms. The Multi-Strings Triangle Top is a triangle top with a layer of spaghetti strings over it that are braided in the middle.  The strings are joined in a ring at the top of the triangle and are tied at the back of the neck. They drape down to mid-back. 
Walk on the Wild Side
Guria’s two animal prints this year are the Cobra print in shades of black, silver and tan in the Marbella Group and the Leopard print in shades of gold and off-white.  Looking for a reversible bikini?  Who doesn’t love two-for-one? Both of these groups offer the Reversible Triangle top with the same tassels as the multi-strings top.
Feminine Flair
Looking for a triangle top that is extra girly?  The Ruffle Triangle Top features over-the-shoulder ruffle and a triangle that is adjustable at the base.  The top ties around the back for a perfectly adjustable fit.  This top is offered in the Canadell group which is an ombre style multi-color print of pastel colors and the Lanzarote group with a purple floral print on a soft sandy-mauve background.  You can also find this style on sale in the 2019 solid colors, but grab them while you can because they are almost sold out.  Also worth mention in the La Palma group is the Reversible Ruffle Trim Triangle Top that scrunches on the bottom to create a soft, feminine ruffle effect.  This floral is perfect for the femme fatale in you!  Prefer our abstract polka dots?  This style is available in Ibiza print as well.
Grommets Anyone?
The textured triangle tops in Guria Brazilian Bikini Collection Summer Somewhere feature a gromet detail at the bottom where the spaghetti that ties around the back is laced through.  The Piqué group offers hues of sky-blue and apricot.  The ribbed collection offers Shimmer Yellow, Coral, Off-White and Black.
Original and Best Seller
The 3-in-1 Chic top has been in the Guria Collection since day one.  Needless to say, it is a best seller.  This top can be worn three ways and is great for large sizes, up to F-Cup.  It has removable trims and removable cups.   You can use it with or without the trims as a triangle.  You can also wear it as a bandeau by tying the spaghetti tie that normally goes around the back in a loop, then tying the neck straps and around your back.  This is a great way to wear the top if you want to avoid tan lines on your décolletage area.  Sound complicated?  Not to worry!  The top includes an extra hang tag that shows you instructions.  In this collection it is sold in Marbella and Formentera animal prints, plus Las Salinas and Canadell multi-color prints and seven colors of the Guria Classics. This style is great for women who need extra support and wear large cup size swimwear! Size XL comfortably fits an E Cup.
Head over to your favorite Brazilian bikini shop to try on your favorite triangle or shop at and avoid the lines.  Check back here for Black Friday and holiday specials.  The Guria Family wishes you and your family a happy, healthy holiday season.

Written by JS

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