December 05, 2019

Styles for Women Who Wear Large Cup Sizes

Hey there Brazilian bikini lovers…I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season with family and friends.  If all you want for Christmas is a new bikini, Guria has got you covered, or uncovered ;) Guria is so excited to be your favorite Brazilian swimwear line.  You mean so much to us!  Today we are going to discuss large cup sized swimwear, a topic close to my heart.
Any woman who wears a D cup or larger sized bra has struggled with getting the right fit from a bikini.  And if you are passed the age of 30 or have kids or have lost any significant amount of weight, you probably notice that the tatas aren’t as perky as they once may have been.  This is why it’s important to purchase swimwear that has a great fit and is made with high quality fabrics that contain Lycra, like the ones used by Guria.  Some other features that can help keep you comfortable while looking great are straps that go over the shoulder.   These will help relieve the discomfort that can be caused by tying the straps of a triangle bikini top around the back of your neck.  I’m not sure about you, but I’ve actually experienced headaches after wearing tops tied around my neck.  There is a trick to this though.  Instead of tying the straps around the neck, you can actually tie them in a knot to the strap that crosses the mid-back. I actually do this all the time and it’s something that feels so much more comfortable and also, in my opinion, looks much better and more balanced on a woman with a larger cup size.
If You Prefer a Bandeau
Some women prefer the look of a bandeau bikini top.  They are great for avoiding tan lines on the décolleté area.  It can often be difficult to find one that suits a larger bust and is supportive enough to look and feel good.  Two key bandeau styles new to the Guria collection this year are the Knot Front Retro Bandeau and the Tie Knot Ruched Padded Bandeau.  These styles are extremely supportive because they have molded, formed cups.  Formed cups are not removable but they are extremely supportive.  The fabric of the bikini is actually sewn into the edge of the cup.  They give the breast a very nice shape. The Knot Ruched Padded Bandeau features a removable center tie, so you can wear it with the center tied or with the center open and a little wider.  Because it is ruched, it still has that sweetheart neckline which is very feminine and flirty. The tie in the middle doubles as a matching hair tie when you aren’t using it on the bandeau.  It also features wide shoulder straps that are very comfortable.  These can be removed as well for tanning purposes.   The Knot Front Retro Bandeau features thinner over the shoulder straps, which are also removable.  The extra support in this top is attributed to the band that goes around the bottom of the bandeau in the front.  The back ties in a knot as well, so you can adjust it to your favorite position.
Last year Guria added an underwire bikini top that has become my absolute go-to favorite top.  It’s called the Tie Knot Underwire top and it literally fits like a bra.  I love it because it has a fuller coverage over the breast, removable pads and adjustable shoulder straps.  It literally fits like my favorite bra.  It clips in the back and has a removable tie in the center and just like the bandeau above, this can double as a matching hair tie. After the success of that style, designer Camila Ckless decided to add another underwire style.  This one is her personal favorite.  It’s called the Underwire Balconette Top.  It’s got a bit more fabric in the enter so it supports the breasts a bit further apart.  Additionally, the coverages in the front scoops down a bit lower, almost like a demi cup.  Very Sexy with a capital S!
On the Sporty Side
If you like the styling of and fit of a more athletic tip, try Tie Knot Sporty Bikini Top.  This one has all the bells and whistles.  A one-inch elastic band under the chest that goes around the back as well, wide shoulder straps, adjustable knot that ties in the front, plus a lot of support in the back with fuller coverage.  This top will remind you of your favorite sports bra that you slide over your head.  It has removable padding and is so comfortable.  Honestly, to me, this one could double as a sports bra.  And if you like to play beach volleyball or work out on the beach, this will be your new go-to.
One Piece Worth Mentioning
This year Guria added a few new one-piece styles.  The one that I find the most supportive is the Scrunch Bandeau one piece.  This Brazilian one-piece swimsuit is like it’s close cousin, the Tie Knot Ruched Padded Bandeau.  It’s got formed cups to support you.  The straps are thinner, but they are removable and so is the tie in the middle.
Whether online or in your favorite Brazilian Bikini Shop, you can trust these Guria styles to support your bust.  Enjoy these styles on the beach or by the pool.  Just add water and some sun and enjoy!
Written by JS

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