December 09, 2019

Must Have Beach Accessories

Hit the beach in style this season with these chic summer essentials, cool accessories, and high-tech devices meant to take your sunny escape to the next level. If you have already picked out your destination, it means it’s time to gear up for your next trip to the ocean. Sure, you will remember to pack your favorite Brazilian bikinis and a cool pair of sunglasses, but don’t forget to bring along those little extras that make all the difference.
From bikinis, one piece swimwear, bags, and flip flops to the latest beach gadgets, we’ve got you prepared for a stylish, fun-filled summer in the sand.
Here we go!!
You can wear your sarong so many different ways: wear it as a skirt paired with your Brazilian bikini or One Piece Swimsuit of the day! It can also be worn as a dress or wrap above your swimwear. Or use it as a beach blanket! Sarong “Color Scarfs” by Drops de Cor ( paired with Guria Beachwear’s Scrunch Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit.
Lunch Bags
Do you still carry boring paper bags to the beach? If yes, then this is the time to change. Handmade totes are a much elegant way to bring your lunch to the beach these days. There are some very cool lunch bags in the market that will keep your food cold and fresh in the hot weather. They are not just useful but also multipurpose and an appealing beach accessory. You can even carry your extra Brazilian bikini and a dress in these bags as well.
Sun Shelter
Beach umbrellas are now boring stuff to carry. Then, what is the best solution to hide from the harsh sunlight? Go for sun shelters or you can even call them beach tents. They are a stylish alternative to the common beach umbrella. Loving Summer “Bondi Beach Tent” ( can be easily assembled by one person, but provides shade for the entire family.
Extra Swimwear
It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not forget to carry an extra swimsuit with you on the beach trips. You might come across any unavoidable situation and an extra piece of clothing can be a savior. Bear in mind that most of the beaches are far away from the city and it can be a hassle to get new clothing. It is also great to switch bikinis when you still want to hand at the beach but want to be clean and dry. And don’t forget, if you are in search of beautiful Brazilian bikinis then check our website!
Large Hat or Visor
Top off your seaside outfit with a vintage-inspired straw hat or a visor that will keep you cool and protected on hot summer days. These types of hats and visors will also look amazing paired with your Brazilian bikini, one piece swimwear or beachwear. You can find some great options at Californian brand San Diego Hat Co (
Add a refined touch to your beach style with Ipanema’s sandals ( They are comfortable, easy to clean and carry, but also extremely chic and versatile. These flip flops sandals will look amazing paired with your Brazilian bikini! For an effortlessly off-beach look, you can also wear them with a fluid white dress.
Waterproof Speakers
A little music won’t hurt anyone! We found a great water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that won’t require a smartphone to connect to: Drifter. This smart waterproof wireless speaker comes with its own customized Android operating system, being completely self-sufficient and perfect for the beach!
Water Bottle
This is an essential accessory for you to have on your beach days. Nothing is more important than staying hydrated! Plus, using a reusable water bottle will help reduce huge amounts of plastic that end up in the ocean every year.
Portable Safe
Keep your valuables safe by the seashore with a portable travel safe and lock box. Our favorite pick is the Safego (XX), designed to attach to most beach furnishings out there. Stylish, durable, and lightweight, this security device locks with a key or a tree number combination. The best part is that it is capacious enough to hold your wallet, phone, watch, and jewelry when you head into the water or play in the sand.

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