December 18, 2019

Shimmer for the Holidays


I’m not sure about you, but I’m in the holiday spirit.  In many parts of the country people are not really focusing too hard on work (myself included) because they have holidayitis.  That’s what I call it when you are kind of zoning out at work and daydreaming of the vacation you can’t wait to go on or visits with family and friends or thinking of what Santa may bring you for Christmas.  When I think of the holidays, I think of not only the traditional colors of red and green, but also the shimmer of silver and gold and the of the moonlight reflecting off of new fallen snow.  Each snowflake shimmers like a diamond sent from heaven above.  Then, you have the shimmer of the sugar crystals that decorate your favorite holiday cookies.  The shimmer of the lights on the Christmas tree or the shimmer of the candles on the Menorah.  So many things sparkle, shimmer and shine!  This week, since I’m feeling extra inspired and filled with holiday spirit, I’m going to talk about how you can shine bright in Shimmer Swimwear from Guria Brazilian Swimwear.
Shimmer in a Solid
Who says solids have to be boring?  Not these solids.  This year, Guria has three shimmering solid fabrics to offer in your favorite Brazilian bikini styles.  Available in the trendy Bossa Nova Collection or the time-tested Guria Classics Bikinis, these colors are sure to make you shine.  First, we have the Shimmer Tan.  The color itself lies somewhere between gold and nude on the color chart, but with the shimmer in the fabric, you’ll shine on.  Like my favorite metal, this year we can wear a Brazilian Bikini in Shimmer Rose Gold.  Whether it’s a triangle bikini top, bralette, underwire balconette or knot ruched padded bandeau, you’ll look like a million bucks in this color.  It’s the palest shade of pink, with specks of shimmer through the fabric.  Last but not least, Shimmer Blue is a fashion do!  The way it sparkles and shines reminds me of how the ocean shines when you’re on a yacht on a summer day in the Mediterranean Sea. Talk about holidayitis!  Take me there now!!!!
Shine on in Ribbed Brazilian Bikinis
This year, I’m in love love love with the Guria Rib Swimsuits.  And guess what…the entire collection is made with shimmer ribbed fabric.  The collection comes in Shimmer Black Rib, Shimmer Coral Pink Rib, Shimmer Yellow Rib and Shimmer Off White Rib.  It’s so hard to choose, so my suggestion would be to take four Brazilian bikinis… one in each color and one in each style.  The collection also uses a lot of lace ups and grommets for extra stylish flare.
Prints That Shine
If you prefer to shimmer in a printed Brazilian bikini, there are three choices that Guria offers that will fill the bill.  Marbella, Formentera and Ibiza!  Aside from being great holiday vacation spots, those are the names of three print groups that shine, shine, shine!  Marbella is a black, tan and gold snake print, and if you’ve seen anything in fashion lately, you know that snake prints are trending.  This fashionable, number one selling print is offered in six styles, including the Criss-Cross Back Plunge One Piece Swimwear.  The Formentera print is offered in six styles as well.  It’s a gold and off-white leopard print that reverses to shimmer tan.  The Ibiza print is just plain fun to wear!  It’s Guria’s take on a deconstructed polka-dot with blue dots on a shimmery yellow background.  It’s offered in five styles including my personal favorite, the Tie Knot Underwire Bikini Top with the Reversible Scrunch Knotted Tie Side Bottom.  It reverses to shimmer blue so you can shine on and on.
So Your Skin Can Sparkle Too
In case you can’t make it to your favorite beach destination for the holidays, I’m going to make a recommendation of how you can summon the feeling through the sense of scent and shimmer as well.  One of my favorite summer smelling scents is available at Sephora for $48.  It’s Pinrose’s Sun Saint Shimmer Mist.  This body spray is laced with gold shimmer so it will make you sparkle and shine whether you’re wearing your favorite Guria Brazilian bikini or not.  Besides that, the notes of Coconut, Cashmere Musk and Sandalwood make you feel like you just stepped off a tropical paradise.  Pair that with a piña colada and daydream your way to the summer sun.
Every girl should shimmer and shine from inside with the confidence of knowing that she is special and unique, like each tiny snowflake.  But, if you want to shine on the outside too, Guria’s Shimmer Fabrics are perfect for you.  Happy holidays and keep shining you beautiful snowflake!
Written by JS

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