December 19, 2019

Bandeau Bikinis are the Comeback of 2020

Miriam Webster Dictionary, the gold standard for proper use of the English verbiage defines the word retro as follows: relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the pastfashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned a retro look.  By that definition, the bandeau bikini top can be considered a great example of a retro look.  As early as the 1960’s we have bikinis being sold that were bandeaus.  And they were being sold at around $3.00; can you get more retro than that?!?  Popularity of the bandeau bikini top has come and gone over the years, but this year it’s making a huge come back and Guria has tons of Brazilian bikini options for you to choose from.
The Multi-strings Bandeau Top is a super supportive version of a bandeau bikini top.  What makes it so supportive is the “multi-strings” that transverse the exterior of the top.  They are like magical strings of support that keep the ta-tas in place and they are extremely comfortable.  This tip is great for large cup sizes because it goes all the way up to size XL DD Cup.  It’s available in solid colors that are sure to please including Mauve, Black, Red, Light Blue,navy and Pink Sunrise.  I love to pair it with the Multi-Strings Band Bottom or the Multi Strings Tie Side available in both American and Brazilian cuts.
Reversible Knot Front Bandeau Bikini Top is a classic with a twist, actually two twists.  Twist number one is the tie in the middle; twist number two is the fact that this model is completely reversible.  And, for a bonus, and extra support, there are fixed cups.  Perfect for the nature girl in all of us, this bikini top is available in Ombre Flowers reversing to Blush Ombre, and Spring Love that reverses to solid white (both floral prints) or a novelty Cactus print that reverses to Neon Pink Sunrise!  All of these print groups also offer reversable bottoms, perfect for mix-and-match bikinis, so it’s like getting two Brazilian bikinis for the price of one.
Looking for a simpler option?  The ribbed texture bandeau bikini with shoulder straps and grommets will have you covered.  This ribbed style comes in Blush, Navy, Pistachio and White.  The textured, ribbed fabric is on trend and I love to match it with the crisscross strappy bottom, also with grommets.  I recommend this style if you are an A-B or small C-cup.
Tie Knot Ruched Padded Bandeau has some of the same favorite features that the Reversable Knot Front Bandeau has, except it has a thin formed cup, so it’s not reversible.  This new thin pad comes with a technology that gives lots of support with no need for underwire.  This bandeau will keep your girls up! It also features wider, removable, over-the-shoulder straps for extra support and comfort.  This is a great bandeau for the ladies looking for large cup size swimwear because it goes up to the size XL which fits a DD Cup. It also has a removable center ties that can double as a matching hair tie.  This bikini top is offered in the six solids of the bossa nova group, plus some great animal prints like Cadaqués which is a modern, multi-colored animal print in tones of green, brown, apricot and off white, as well as Formentera which is more of a classic leopard print, in off white and shimmery gold tones.  It is also offered in the classic and feminine floral print of the Lanzarote group and the textured apricot or sky blue of the Piqué swimwear collection.
A new style of cut-out bikini that Guria is testing this year is passing with flying colors.  The Knot Front Retro Bandeau gives lots of support for large cup sizes because it has a one-inch band that helps to support you from below.  This style features a sexy peek-a-boo at the center below the knot.  It’s currently offered in the Tenerife print which is a shimmer ribbed black fabric with lavender lilies all over and the Menorca group which is a shimmer ribbed off white fabric with an all over leaf print.  This bikini style is offered up to size XL DD Cup, also perfect for the ladies looking for large cup size swimwear. Expect to see more colors next year!
If feminine is how you want to feel in your bandeau bikini, try the Ruffle Trim Bandeau.  It’s got all the bells and whistles with a sexy cut out in the center, below the knot, and also a flirty little ruffle that goes around the whole top, all the way to the back clasp.  This style is offered in the blue and yellow polka dotted Ibiza print and the La Palma print, a purple-pink flower on a white background.
This next style is such a show-stopper that it made the cover of the 2020 Guria Beachwear catalog.  The Padded Bandeau bikini laces up the middle and features a row of grommets on each side of the cleavage.  It has a lightly padded, formed cup and comes in the solid texture ribbed as well as the Piqué textured groups.  The solid colors in these groups are Coral Pink, Yellow, Black, Off-White, Sky Blue and Apricot.  Fitting comfortably and with great support, we saved the best bandeau bikini top for last.
Since we’re talking about bandeaus, and it’s so hard to find a bandeau one-piece swimsuit, the Scrunch Bandeau one piece swimwear is definitely worth mentioning.  It features formed cups and removable straps with a key-whole cut out that lies below a sweetheart neckline.  Available in XS-XL sizes, it’s great for large cup sizes or smaller ones too.
With so many options to choose from you may just have to pick up a few.  After all the holiday shopping for loved ones, you deserve something for yourself!  When you finally find the best Brazilian bikini for you, don’t be shy…share your photos on Instagram and don’t forget to tag @guriabeachwear for a repost.
Written by JS

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