December 23, 2019

Maximize Your Budget With Mix-and-Match Bikinis



As we near the end of the second decade of the third millennium many of us are taking time to reflect on things.  One of the things I’ve been reflecting on lately is how fast things are moving.  For one, information is moving really quickly.... you can literally get a message to the other side of the world in less than 5 seconds.  Imagine, the telephone was invented in 1876, 100 years after the US declared its independence from England.  Yet, in 1920 just 100 years ago, only 35% of American households had a telephone.  Now, most of us walk around with one in our pocket 24/7.  And this magical device is now rarely used for verbal communication.  What do we use it for instead?  To access information, of course.  Connect us to the information superhighway… THE INTERNET!  With such ease of access to information, people tend to become bored easily.  If things aren’t mentally or visually stimulating, they seem to go by the wayside very quickly.

For this blog, I’ve decided to focus on a little trick that will teach you how to build an entire swimwear wardrobe and never get bored.  As you probably know, all Guria Beachwear Brazilian Bikinis are sold separately.  Why?  Because we believe every woman should have the perfect fitting bikini and women come in all shapes and sizes.  You may be smaller and perkier on top and a bit rounder on the bottom.  Or maybe you’re larger on top with a slimmer tush.  You still want the perfect fit and coverage for you, right?  Well the fact that Guria’s Brazilian swimwear is sold as individual pieces, instead of sets, has another advantage that you may not have realized, but in this blog I’m going to give you a lesson on how to build an entire swimwear wardrobe that can carry you through an entire beach vacation with only 3 swimsuits.  This is also a great strategy if you want to pack light!

The trick is to pick two prints that matches with two solids and then, on top of that, has a few pieces that are reversable.  You can easily go through our Brazilian bikini styles and find many styles that can fill the bill for this, so pick your favorite print and then go from there.  The Guria Brazilian Swimwear Collection is merchandised to latch so this should be easy!  For this example, we have chosen the following styles.


Cadaqués – Print One

From the Cadaqués group we have chosen the Underwire Balconette Top (Our Designer Camila Ckless’ personal favorite) and the Reversible Classic Bikini Bottom, available in Brazilian or American Cut.  The underwire bikini top is not reversible, but the great thing about this combination is it has Apricot and Light Olive, so it will match with anything with those two colors. The bottom reverses to Light Olive.



Apricot Piqué – Our Solid

Since we have light olive as a reverse, we have decided to pick an Apricot solid.  The one we chose here is from the Guria Piqué Swimwear Collection.  It’s the Padded Bandeau Bikini.  This is one of my favorite bandeaus.  It is not reversible, because it has formed cups, but the formed cups give you great support, even for larger cup sizes like DD.  If you thought you could never wear a bandeau, try this one!  I’m telling you, you won’t be disappointed.  The bottom is the Criss-Cross strappy bikini bottom.  This one is not reversible either, but the adorable grommets and lace up detail make up for that in all their fashionability (yes – I did just make up that word, but it fits so perfectly here, I’m just going to run with it).



Menorca – Print Two

Menorca is a ribbed bikini print with off-white background and a leaf that has a bit of the apricot color throughout.  The leaf matches perfectly with the light olive, so I’m sure you can already guess, this set is fully reversible, top and bottom can be flipped to reveal the solid light olive.  We have chosen is the Reversible Triangle Top and the Reversible Scrunch Tie Side Bottom.



Some Tips When Mixing and Matching

So, now you can have fun with these.  There are literally about a dozen combinations.  My recommendation is mixing a solid with another solid or either solid with a print.  One thing I would stay away from with these particular prints, is mixing print with print.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can work, especially if the print is simple, with fewer colors, like a stripe or a polka dot, but with these particular prints I feel like it looks too busy.  Another way to mix it up is to mix the coverage here.  If you’re a girl who usually goes for the Brazilian cut, get two Brazilian bottoms and one American bottom, when you feel like being a bit more demure one day.  Or, if you always wear fuller coverage, American bottoms, be daring!  Add a Brazilian bikini bottom to the mix.  As a finale, we are going to tell the story in visual, because a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out the combinations below and enjoy your Mix-And-Match Guria Beachwear!



Written by JS

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