January 12, 2020

Have More Options with Reversible Brazilian Bikinis


Everybody loves options!  As ladies, we have to admit, we change our mind’s like we change our underwear, literally all the time.  After all, isn’t that a woman’s prerogative? Enter The Reversible Bikini.


Guria Beachwear launched its first reversible bikini in 2011.  Since then, Designer Camila Ckless has created literally hundreds of reversible designs.  The production is more expensive, and there are occasionally some challenges with perfecting the designs, but at the end of the day, we continue to develop new reversible bikinis and keep the old favorites coming back year after year.  One of the biggest reasons is because it gives women options.  One reversible bikini can be worn four different ways.   When you think about it’ that’s really cool.  If you’re packing for a trip, you can pack less because if one reversible swimwear gives you four looks, two reversibles give you eight looks.  So, with two reversible bikinis, you can essentially travel for a week and never duplicate the same look.  And if the colors and prints of each of those two bikinis match, you can mix and match those bikinis as well.  You also get more bang for your buck because of this.  It’s like buying one swimsuit and getting two.  Talk about value! Below are some of my personal favorites.


Reversible Crochet Bikinis
Guria is well known for our Crochet Bikinis which started to trend about four years ago. We offer three styles of tops and three styles of bottoms that are crochet and reversible.  And each of these are offered in multiple colors.  My favorite crochet combo is the Reversible Crochet Halter Bikini Top paired with the Reversible Crochet Scrunch Tie Side in Brazilian Cut (also available in American Cut). But check them out and decide for yourself.  Other tops include the Reversible Crochet Triangle Top, Reversible Crochet 3-in-1 Chic Top,Reversible Crochet High Neck and the Reversible Crochet Detail Top.  Bottoms include Reversible Crochet Bikini Bottom and Reversible Crochet Classic Bottom.
Ombre Flowers
The Ombre Flowers print has been one of Guria’s most popular prints of all time.  The pretty pink petals on a purple background are sweet and romantic.  These bikinis reverse to a pastel pink ombre print.  My absolute favorite in this group is the Ombre Flowers Reversible Knot Tie Bandeau with the Reversible Classic Bottom.
Try Something Novel
If you’re into novelty prints, one of my favorites is The Cactus bikini print that reverses into a trendy pink neon solid color.  The print is a sea of green cacti floating on chevron waves of pink.  It’s available in reversible styles including the triangle top, knot front bandeau, classic bottom, scrunch tie side and scrunch multi-strings bottom.
Stripes Are Trending
There are several great striped prints that are reversable.  Blue Ombre Stripes and Peach Ombre Stripes have a sporty vibe, while tie dye stripes is reminiscent of a horizon over the ocean at sunset with beige, purple, blue and white.  The Turquoise Ombre reverses to vanilla.  Even one of our Crochet Groups, the Aquamarine solid reverses to Black and White Stripes.
The Easiest Way
So, what’s the easiest way to find your new reversible Brazilian bikini?  Well, you’re on the Guria Website already.  Find the little magnifying glass above…that’s our search bar.  If you type in the word “reversible”. You will find 131 items that come up under that search.  Keep in mind that all Guria bikinis are sold as separates so they can be mix and match swimwear.  That still leaves you over 60 reversible swimwear options. And if you’re trying to ball on a budget you are in luck because many are on sale right now, with some prices under $10 so take a peek while they are still in stock.
Written by JS

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