August 15, 2019

The Perfect Bikini for Your Body Shape

When temperature rises, all we want is to enjoy the sunny days in a beautiful beach or by a pool. Feeling beautiful and comfortable with your body is a priority, and choosing the ideal Brazilian bikini style for your silhouette will make all the difference.

If you are not sure about how you can make your body look great and choose the ideal Brazilian bikini type, we have prepared a complete guide, so you will rock the beach and end the summer with amazing pictures that will remind you of these days for the rest of your life.


Silhouette types 

Knowing your body is essential when choosing a Brazilian bikini. Remember all bodies are beautiful, you just have to choose the best way to dress it to love yourself even more.

First of all let's find out what your silhouette type is and what you can enhance or disguise in each of them.

  • Hourglass

This body shape is characterized by the shoulder and hip measurements nearly equal in size while the waist is thinner. So it is interesting to focus the attention on the small waist and keep balance on the rest of the body.

  • Oval

The oval body also has similar proportions between shoulder and hip measurements, however the waist is not defined and the belly is slightly more evident. It is ideal here, to use some tricks that can take the focus off the stomach.

  • Rectangle

The rectangular shape has the measurements in proportion among shoulders, waist and hip, so defining the waist with your Brazilian bikini will make all the difference, giving an illusion that this part is thinner.

  • Triangle

This body type has narrow shoulders, a slightly defined waist and wide hips. So, it would be interesting to draw attention to the shoulders and make the other parts of the body look more proportional.

  • Inverted triangle

The inverted triangle shape has large shoulders while the hips are narrow. In that case it is interesting to rely on details that emphasize the hips and make them look in balance with the shoulders.


How to choose your Brazilian bikini?

Now that you are aware of your silhouette let's take a closer look at the specifics, after all there are more than only five body types, the variations are many and each one requires a specific trick when choosing your ideal Brazilian bikini type.

  • Wide hips

Having large hips in comparison to the rest of the body requires well-structured bottom parts, ideally those with wide sides. Look for seamless constructed bottoms for a soft and comfortable fit that won’t pinch in!

Dark colors and small patterns will also help, while the types to be avoided are the ones which have skinny ties or too many details in that area. Still in love with tie sides? Choose an option with thicker ties or multiple tassels that will cover the hips!

  • Small butt

If you have a small butt, there are many ways to enhance it wearing your Brazilian bikini style. Using details such as side ties and scrunch will be great tricks in addition to light colors and larger prints that visually enlarge this body part. Cheeky bottoms featuring a seam in the middle of the touch are a great option as well!

Big bikini bottoms, which make the butt look smaller can be avoided as well as tiny prints.

  • Big bust

When it comes to large breasts the key word is support. Look for a bikini that offers support that won’t make you uncomfortable wearing it. In order to achieve that, wide or double straps under the bust are essential. Top styles that feature underwire support are also recommended. And who says bandeaus are not good for bigger cup sizes? Look for the ones that feature thin molded cups, side stays, large back straps and removable neck straps for added support!



  • Small bust

If your aim is to add a little something extra, opt for the classic padded cup. But you don’t need to go overboard. Try light padding via an underwire style or tops that allow you to slide in and feature removable cups. That will give your girls a little natural boost. We always recommend to pay close attention to gaping – it’s a sign you should size down. Styles like triangles, tie-front, or halter can make your bust appear bigger than it actually is. Ruffles, multi-strings and crochet details help create the illusion of volume, while light colors and bold prints can sometimes trick the eye. And don’t forget the upside of small boobs: you can rock daring and skimpy styles, so don’t be afraid to go for it!

  • Big tummy

When we have a few extra pounds in our mid-section, we may feel a bit nervous about wearing a swimsuit. There’s no reason not to wear whatever we want, we just have to find the style that has a few tricks to slim our stomach and smooth those curves.

Look for Brazilian bikini styles that have banded or folded waistband to wear them slightly below the navel like our traditional Flip Bottom or Multi-strings Band Bottom. Bikini bottoms that featured ruching and high waist bottoms are also good slimming options. There’s no reason you can’t be hot at your next day at the beach, no matter what size you are.

Small, plain prints, texture fabrics and dark colors will be the best choice, while light colors and very large prints may be avoided.

  • Skinny women

 For the skinny ones, creating curves will be the best trick, cut-out swimsuits can provide very interesting shapes on this body type.

The ideal Brazilian bikinis are the styles which add volume to both the top and bottom. The ones with ruffles, bows, knots and shiny, as well as light colors and large prints will help in this mission.


Now that you know your silhouette type, the specifics of your body and the tricks on how to choose your ideal Brazilian bikini, just pack your beach bag and you are ready to enjoy the sunny days feeling prettier and more confident with yourself.

Never let any insecurity about your body stop you from enjoying the summer. Besides using all the tricks you just learned, know that self-confidence will always be your best accessory - it will make you shine for sure.

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