August 01, 2019

Travel Guide to Amalfi Coast, Italy


Amalfi Coast is one of the popular regions in the world. Despite its popularity, this Coast in Italy is hard to navigate. Amalfi Coast is located in the south region of Naples. It is famous for its cliffside towns and fresh blue water. But, if you think that only these are the wonders that Amalfi Coast has, then you are wrong because it is even popular for winding streets and friendly people as well.
This fifty-kilometer stretched coastline is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Amalfi Coast comprises small towns like Positano, Ravello and Amalfi and several other beautiful towns along the Amalfi coast. Some of the tourists even call this coastline as the Italian Paradise.
But what amazes tourists most about Amalfi Coast are the buildings that gaze the sea. Not only that, the scented sea breeze even makes travelers fall in love with this place. The Amalfi Coast is a Mediterranean landscape and a sensual blend of both culture and nature.
This beauty of Italy now attracts travelers but it is not a new tourist spot, rather it has been gravitating people from different parts of the world for ages. The Romans, Greeks, Saracens, Norman and the Arab Sicilians were drawn to this place as well.
Are you planning to visit this sumptuous land in Italy?  Then, this guide is for you! It is a complete guideline from the start to the end. We aim to make your itinerary easy, simple and memorable. So, pack your bags and get ready for Amalfi Coast! However, do not forget to carry your Brazilian bikini and One Piece Swimwear as you will come across many beaches in Amalfi Coast to relish.
Think You Will Find in This Guide
What is the best time to visit?
Arriving Amalfi Coast
Things to do in Amalfi Coast
Where to stay?
What Is the Best Time To Visit?
Amalfi Coast is one of the most enjoyable destinations in the world. Tourists mostly visit from April to October, before the winter season. These months are ideal for beach lovers. During this time of the year, the coastline is flooded with a plethora of tourists.
On the other hand, if you want to visit Amalfi Coast with tranquility, then you should head towards the Coast from November to March. Moreover, you will find the finest deals on hotels and hostels during this time of the year.
Arriving at Amalfi Coast
There are no direct flights to Amalfi Coast rather you will have to land in Naples and then head towards the coastline. The boat is even an exciting mode to transport to reach Amalfi Coast from Sorrento. But the fare of the boat journey varies greatly depending on the seasons.
There are other modes of transport as well that will help you to reach the amazing coastline in Italy. Here are there –
You can book your bus ride directly from Naples to Amalfi Coast for just €35. This bus from Naples will take you to your hotel or B&B. On the other hand, this bus service even offers transfers to Rome as well.
If you are on a budget trip to Amalfi Coast, then the train is the best option you can opt for. However, it is a lengthy journey. You will first have to take a train from Naples to Sorrento which will cost you €5. This same train with which you can go to Pompeii and Herculaneum. However, from Sorrento, you must take a bus which will help you to reach Salerno and then take a car or a boat to reach Amalfi Coast.
Driving is the easiest and expensive way to reach the Amalfi Coast. But for that, you will need a good and experienced driver. You can either hire a car from the Airport that you have landed. However, for a more comfortable journey, you can book your car with the help of numerous companies that offer transfers. Moreover, the starting of car transfers starts from €130.
Things to Do In Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast consists of many small beaches and most of the beaches are so famous such as Big Beach, Spiaggia Grande and Positano. These beaches are so packed during the peak season that you will have to book loungers to lay a towel on the beach.
Do not forget to pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, and many Brazilian bikinis while you have a plan to spend some relaxing time on the beaches of Amalfi Coast.



Boat Tour

The best way to explore the coastline is by booking a boat tour. You can either go in a private or a group tour. Do not forget to visit the hidden grottos, relish the view of the coast and swim in the sea as it will truly be a wonderful experience.

You can book a half-day or a full-day tour and many companies will help you in this case if you are a first-time traveler.

And don't forget to wear your best Brazilian bikini to take some amazing pictures during your tour!  



Reach Out for The Path of The God

To make your Amalfi Coast itinerary more exciting, you can hike to the Sentiero Degli Dei which is even known as the Path of God. This place has a stunning view of the coastline. The entire walk is of 7.8 kilometers and it will take one hour to reach there if you have a good speed.

Therefore, if you want to get involved in some physical activity and explore a sumptuous site in Amalfi Coast then go for this activity.


Where To Stay?

 Most convenient places to stay in the Amalfi coast are Positano and Amalfi as these places are accessible from both land and sea. On the other hand, you will even find luxurious accommodations in this location as well.

The most intriguing part is that these accommodations rank amid the best hotels in the world. However, if you are in search of budget-friendly accommodation then you should try out Airbnb and hostels as well. If you visit Amalfi Coast then check these accommodations out:

Palazzo Della Marra

A’Scalinatella Hostel

Hostel Brikette



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