September 09, 2019

What Makes a Bikini Brazilian?

This weekend Brazilian people around the globe celebrated the Sete de Setembro (Seventh of September) which commemorates the day they declared independence from Portugal. What better time to celebrate all things Brazilian, including the Brazilian bikini?  So, this week we’ve chosen to discuss what actually makes a bikini Brazilian.
If you’ve ever been to Brazil, you probably know that the culture is very much oriented around fun and also the beach. If you ask a Brazilian woman how many bikinis she has in her wardrobe, she’ll probably have no idea. But if you ask her if she has more shoes or more bikinis, she will most likely say she has more bikinis.
So, why is the beach such a big part of the Brazilian culture?  Well for starters, the geography landscape and climate each play a role.  Brazil is the largest country in South America.  With 4,650 miles of coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil is home to some of the most famous beaches in the world, including Copacabana and Ipanema beaches in Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis in Santa Catarina.  Also, the Equator runs right through the country of Brazil, which makes the climate tropical and keeps the average temperatures warmer than most countries all year round.  These factors definitely make Brazil a popular tourist destination. 
Copacana Beach, Rio de Janeiro:
The Brazilian people are multi-ethnic, which means that they have a rich and diverse cultural fabric that is very much reflected in the culture, apparel, food, customs, religion, song and dance.  From the 1820s to the 1970’s Portuguese, Italians, Spaniards, Arabs, Germans, Japanese, Armenians, Greeks, Gypsies, Poles and Ukrainians all emigrated to Brazil in large numbers.  Prior to that, there was a large population of Africa and native Brazilians. The blending of these cultures has affected the population in a very positive way.  Another thing Brazil is known for is beautiful people. Some of the world’s most famous supermodels including Giselle Bündchen, Adriana Lima and Izabel Goulart, come from Brazil. It’s the mix of cultures from Europe, South America and Africa that give a unique flavor and look to the people of Brazil. 
Supermodel Izabel Goulart spotted wearing a Guria Beachwear Brazilian bikini:
And then of course, you have the music and dance!  The official dance of Brazil is the Samba. One can arguably say that Brazilian women look so good in their bikinis because dancing the Samba gives them such a great workout.  Dance is a big part of the culture. Carnival season is a time of celebration where you can find parades of people dancing in the streets wearing bright colored costume and head-dresses, with very little covering their bodies.  It’s no wonder that Brazilians love the beach!
All of this joy for life, love outdoors, ocean and nature translate into their bikinis in a very special way. Take for example the beautiful leafy and floral prints that represent the landscape and foliage that you see in the rainforest of Brazil.  The colors of the flag, green, symbolizing the lush, rich forests; yellow symbolizing the country’s wealth in the natural resource of gold and blue symbolizing the starry night sky.
There is also an economic factor involved in what makes a bikini Brazilian. Due to current trade laws and importation duties, importing items like trims or fabrics to Brazil is not very cost effective.  So, when you purchase a Brazilian bikini, you can have full faith that each part - from the fabric, to the trims, to the padding, to the elastic – was produced in Brazil. 
All of these elements of the rich culture translate into leafy green prints, blue and beige colors that reflect the colors of the sand and the ocean, and bright yellows and greens.
Vibrant colors reflect the joy for life, the rich natural landscape and the diversity of the culture. 
Shapes are sleek and sexy.... definitely more showing them your average American or European suit. The typical coverage is very tiny in the back. Of course, every Guria design is offered in both American and Brazilian cuts to appeal to a wider range of clientele, if you visit the Guria store in Brazil, you will find the smaller, Brazilian cut to be by far more popular. 
It’s clear to see that what makes a bikini Brazilian is not ONLY the tiny cut…it’s the colors and prints that reflect the culture of the people of Brazil.  So next time you put on your Guria bikini, close your eyes and imagine yourself living life like a Brazilian.  Envision yourself dancing in carnival or enjoying a caipirinha on Copacabana beach on a sunny day.  It is our hope that you enjoy this feeling as much as we do.  And, when you get a chance, come for a visit and experience for yourself everything that the rich diversity of Brazil has to offer. But for now, enjoy your life in a Guria Beachwear bikini!
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