September 04, 2019

What to pack for a beach wedding?


A wedding is the celebration of love! A celebration of two souls coming together as one and happily accepting each other. This celebration is whole when the near and dear ones join in and bless the couple for a happy married life. Weddings are so much fun! The array of events and rituals makes it a celebration worth all the effort and all that effort pays off when you see a lovely and happy smile one everyone’s face.
Destination weddings have taken over like a storm and every second person dreams of a destination wedding. The excitement and thrill is unmatchable! They serve as a holiday and a party at the same time. You get some time away from home and your daily routine, you meet so many people and the best part is that you can be at your best in your favorite outfits all the time.
All those dresses that you had kept waiting for a specific occasion can now be beautifully adorned on your frame.
However, doesn’t the thought of packing give you anxiety? You come to know that you have a destination wedding which you have to attend, you are all excited and dreaming about everything when you realize you have loads of packing to do and that too in an organized manner so that you don’t end up taking your cupboard with you!
Before you think about what to wear, make sure you inquire about the dress code. There will definitely be more than one event and you must be prepared for all. The wedding might demand formal attire where the shoulders are covered or at times there is no dress code at all!
If it is a beach wedding, you have to get your clothes right! Pack cover-ups that easily transition from beach to "street", pair them with one piece swimwear that can be worn as a bodysuit. Another idea is to wear a semi-sheer maxi skirt or dress over a high waisted bikini. High waisted Brazilian bikinis are perfect for those who do not want to show literally all of their stomachs or want to cover up the side fat that seems to spoil the shape of your frame that you prefer. Be that as it may, Brazilian swimwear will be your best buddy on a destination wedding.
Your bag must be precise!
Be very careful what you put into your bag. Make it a point to put all the necessary papers and documents first as you do not want to get caught up anywhere because you “forgot” something. Everybody has these personal things without which they never leave the house so make sure you pack them too. Ensure that you do not load your bag with stuff, make sure you are precise.

Accessories and electronics
A destination wedding means tons of pictures! Make sure all your gadgets are charged and ready to go with you. Your phone and your camera are obviously the most important, but never ever forget their chargers! You will really regret not being able to take enough pictures!
Make sure you take a matching handbag that compliments your dress well and keep necessary stuff in your handbag like an extra set of keys and a copy of your passport etc.
Carry a sunscreen if you are going for a beach wedding and you definitely do not want to forget your makeup.
If it is a beach wedding, make sure to take slippers or sandals that go well with your dress and the sand. You do not want to walk home with sand in your footwear.
Make sure to cherish each moment and click as many pictures as possible. Take something special for the lovely couple and click a few more pictures with them as well. This will make them feel loved and will tell them that that moment belongs to them. Take care of your skin and carry all your essentials while out. You want to look beautiful and beautiful, healthy skin is the biggest asset especially if you want to look charming!
Last but not the least, carry your water bottle. Staying hydrated is extremely necessary and mandatory!

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